Industrial Interior Design for Restaurants, a Ground Gaining Style

Elements that up until recently had to be hidden or covered – such as concrete walls, beams or pipes – represent the newest trend in restaurant and cafes interior design. The industrial style set-up was created in the 2000s for economical reasons: it doesn’t need substantial investments. Then it was adopted and developed by creative designers, and now it leads the top tendencies regarding restaurant design, even in the fine-dining segment.

What started as a necessity evolved into a popular tendency, loved by interior design lovers.

How to include industrial design elements in a restaurant’s interior

Brick or concrete walls and raw metal surfaces are essential to acquire a modern industrial style interior. We like to add wood, which brings life and warmth in any space and mellows down the roughness of the industrial elements.

design industrial

Regarding the floors, we use a lot of wood or ceramics, and then we search for natural stone, choosing a terrazzo with personality. Plants, canvases or mural paintings are other elements that can mould your restaurant’s personality and bring it to life.

design industrial hotel

HINT! If you choose unfinished walls, saving a part of the budget for designing, you can invest in precious decor elements, even with a luxuriant aspect, for an intriguing contrast that will also attract customers.

The furniture for an industrial style

Industrial furniture can spread out a storage or manufacture reinvented vibe, and the vintage elements like tools or used machines bring a plus of intrigue to the table. Metal and wood chairs, tables and bars are versatile and fit with a variety of styles, from rustic to modern.

Industrial style is not only about big windows with black metal frames, unfinished wood and exposed bricks, but more about the neutral nuances and raw textures, about encouraging the usage of recycled materials and straight lines. Earthy tones and neutral colours are popular choices for industrial restaurant furniture, but always with an accent colour: red, turquoise, green.

Industrial lighting in your restaurant

Lamps can bring an extra flair to space, and for restaurants, cafes, bars we always choose warm, relaxing light, that highlights not only the decor but the food. If for brasseries and casual dining restaurants we prefer Edison light bulbs and minimalistic lamps, for fine dining restaurants we chose precious lamps, made out of transparent or opaque glass, with special shapes and details.

As you can see in our portfolio, industrial interior design can take many shapes, and a successful project is hidden in the designer’s creativity. Industrial style decor brings together the elegant modernity and an old school charm with organic textures effects, to create the perfect contrast game. It is one of the reasons we believe this style is here, in the industry, for a while longer.