Name: Unirea Hotel

Year: 2018

Location: Iași, Romania

The historical and cultural location significance, on Unirii Street in Iași, was the triggering element of the entire redesign vision of the Unirea Hotel reception. Made right in the Centenary Year, the project celebrates the Union of Romanian Principalities and brings a modern interpretation to the traditional Romanian motifs, in an architectural style that combines art-deco elements with ethno-minimalist ones. This mix of styles allowed us to create a truly memorable artistic, theatrical space.

The main objective of the Grosu Art Studio team was to create a space to talk about Romania, about specific motives and traditions and to position the Unirea Hotel as a promoter of authentic Romanian values. At the same time, it is a manifesto for the hotels in Romania to assume the role of tourism promoter, to adapt to international trends, contributing to the consolidation of the country’s image.

The concept built around the idea of Union is reflected in the representation of the Union Choir, just above the reception. Inspired by the traditional motif found on an old Romanian carpet, representing people holding hands in a choir, as a sign of their communion, the design introduces visitors to the jovial atmosphere, of genuine joy, since entering the hotel.

The large white ceramic tiles accentuate the feeling of openness and by contrast with the black ceiling and the granite floor, it creates a grandiose, almost solemn space, the perfect setting to relax or work.

One of the wishes of the beneficiary was to have a bar in the reception area, and the challenge was to introduce such a commercial element in a decor that we wanted picturesque, as close as possible to the deep symbolism of the traditions. Romanian. The solution was to design an impressive piece in height, but with a minimalist design in a rectangular shape, made of natural wood, clad on the outside with large porcelain tiles. The bar in the reception of Hotel Unirea is 6 m high and is probably the tallest bar in Iasi or even in Romania. Beyond this superlative, innovation consists in incorporating it into reception, as an integral part of it.

The green wall, a symbol of the Romanian forests, with a length of 12m and a height of 6m creates a warm atmosphere of familiarity and relaxation.

The traditional carpet with black and white motifs from the area of Moldova makes the transition from the reception area to the lounge area and emphasizes the hospitable spirit that will make you feel at home. The ethno-minimalist design is complemented by Makhno lighting fixtures, handmade from oxidized copper through which the space transmits the idea of rural richness specific to the area.