Name: Il Locale

Cuisine: Italian

Year: 2017

Location: Bucharest, Romania

Located in Herăstrău Park, right on the lake shore, Il Locale is a brasserie restaurant that connects, through its planimetric composition, the interior space with the exterior.

The layout of the restaurant has been designed so that it can be easily changed depending on the season, maintaining its operational flow.

At the main entrance, you are greeted by a reception area with a wardrobe and a wine cellar, which introduces you to the elegant atmosphere of the restaurant. Behind the winery is a small corridor that offers access to the toilet, and in front opens the vast space reserved for customers, which extends along the entire length of the building. The attraction of the restaurant is the open kitchen on the right.

The restaurant continues outside with the terrace decorated with wooden furniture. The folding glass system allows the complete opening of the final wall and a large part of the sidewall, transforming the restaurant into a large terrace overlooking the lake.

Chromatic focuses around the contrast between warm palette with red, ocher, yellow, the natural color of oak wood and cool colors – the blue of the ceramic tiles or the slightly lighter shade of the ceiling and walls.

The ambience is complemented by a mix of lighting fixtures – some that emit a diffused warm light, others focused on tables and others that create, through their design, a floating sensation