Name: Kaiamo Restaurant

Concept: Fine Dining, Romanian Reinterpreted Cuisine

Year: 2018

Location: Bucharest, Romania

A story about a return to the origins

Through concept, design and menu, Kaiamo Restaurant is a tribute to Romania and traditional culture. The name given to the restaurant represents the idea of “longing for the absolute”, a leitmotif of ancient civilizations.

The Maramures-inspired mask, displayed right at the entrance to the location, also represents the restaurant’s logo. It symbolizes change, the transition from one stage to another, in this case from one year to another, being a form of protection.

Kaiamo is divided into four areas for the public: the lounge (Moldova), the day area (Muntenia), the bar area (Transylvania) and the podium area (Maramureș). There is also a secluded area, based on the concept of the tasting menu and which the owner called Chef’s Corner, is intended for family dinners or creative gatherings.